How Can You Help?

Thank you for your willingness to support Camp Trillium through the Set Sail For Hope Event. Camp Trillium (officially the Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre) maintains charitable status with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), and relies almost entirely on donations, both cash and in-kind.  Camp Trillium’s registration number is: 13159 9060 RR0001

This page summarizes all the ways you can help or participate in our 31st anniversary event which takes place on Friday September 8th.  If making a donation or reserving a plate or table, please know that 100% of your donation goes directly to Camp Trillium and will help send children living with cancer to their camps. You will receive a tax receipt for any donations of $20 or more.

We believe it is important to ensure that all proceeds benefit the children and their families directly with none of the funds being re-directed to administration or organization of our event.  All of our hospitality partners, supporters, skippers and sponsors volunteer or donate ALL of their time and effort to make Set Sail For Hope such a special day.

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