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Set Sail For Hope Returns Friday June 24th, 2022

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Thank you for your willingness to support Camp Trillium through the Set Sail For Hope Event. Camp Trillium (officially the Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre) maintains charitable status with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), and relies almost entirely on donations, both cash and in-kind.  Camp Trillium’s registration number is: 13159 9060 RR0001

This page summarizes all the ways you can help or participate in our event.  If making a donation or reserving a plate or table, please know that 100% of your donation goes directly to Camp Trillium and will help send children living with cancer to their camps. You will receive a tax receipt for any donations of $20 or more.

We believe it is important to ensure that all proceeds benefit the children and their families directly with none of the funds being re-directed to administration or organization of our event.  All of our hospitality partners, supporters, skippers and sponsors volunteer or donate ALL of their time and effort to make Set Sail For Hope such a special day.

Reserve Your Plate Or Table
(Single Plates $1000, Table For 8: $8,000 and Table For 10: $9,000)
If you are interested in reserving an entire table for 8,10 or 12, then this is the place to do it. Reservations can be made now to guarantee the spots for you and your guests. To reserve your table please use this button.
Make A Direct Donation
(Tax Receipts Issued For All Donations of $20 Or More)
If a yacht or table is not on the horizon but you’d still like to support Camp Trillium, please use our Direct Donation button. Any contribution amount is appreciated and all funds go directly to Camp Trillium to benefit a child living with cancer and their family.
Become A Hospitality Partner
(Our Partners Provide A 5 Star Dining Experience)
We are truly fortunate to have the participation of such world class restaurants, hotels, clubs and chefs. They truly make Set Sail For Hope an absolutely unforgettable experience.
Hospitality Registration
Become A Supporter
(Our Welcome Area Supporters Are Simply The Best)
A classic idiom states “Many hands makes for light work”….and it’s particularly true for this event. It would not be possible to achieve our fundraising goals and provide such a memorable day to our donors and guests without the 100% volunteer contribution of all of our supporters.
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